๐Ÿš€Submission System

Similar to the submission system of โ€œDEXToolsโ€, the Angelic Labs team has implemented a submission section in which existing and future derivative projects can apply to update their โ€œInfoโ€. The system will require the derivative projects to sign up using their deployer wallet and then add all infos. Teams are being asked to provide additional wallets for tracking purposes of the treasury*. If the teams do not provide any info, we will simply track the Deployer of the contract for transparency purposes. They will also be able to upload banners and a PFP + include all team members with links to their twitter pages**. This way users will then have the option to manually verify who they are minting NFTs from. The Angelic Labs will manually verify any potential harmful and/or critical posts towards Remilia and their collections. Short: โ€œspot opp behaviorโ€. *You can open a ticket on Discord to provide more information on the Team and the wallets with remilia assets. **Work in Progress

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