👩‍🏫What is Angelic Labs?

Angelic Labs is a platform that ranks derivative projects, with the aim of safeguarding the Remilia ecosystem through the use of automated systems.

Here's how we plan to achieve this:

Angelic Labs has devised a ranking system for all derivative projects. The rating ranges from C to SSS, mirroring the drip grade of Miladys and Remilios. The unique aspect of our system is the addition of an optional tier above the existing ones.

The specifics of how the rankings are automated will be detailed in a separate blog post closer to the launch. What you can currently see is the ratings from Angelic Labs, which will be implemented on Scatter.

You may be wondering what the "-R" denotes.

While the majority of the rating system is automated, we have incorporated a mechanism for Remilia Corp officials to override certain ratings. Members of Remilia Corp., such as Charlotte Fang, for instance, can log into Angelic Labs and override any collection they choose. The collection will be marked as "-R" in our system, and subsequently on Scatter. In other words, the "-R" designates an official and direct rating from Remilia for a given project.

There are specific criteria to achieve a particular level. The rating system is designed to safeguard the community while also highlighting projects that demonstrate white hearts. A re-evaluation is always possible and could be mandated by Remilia or the Ecosystem (see below).

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