Following the remarkable success of the Remilia Ecosystem, thousands of new collectors and speculators began to get interested. With this increased interest, many skilled artists have made beautiful projects which are well loved and have helped to uplift the art, the soul, the culture, while also giving back to Remilia as well as the Ecosystem. However, there has also been an unfortunate influx of malicious actors who have black hearts and demonstrate no desire to give back to anyone.

While no one is compelled to mint these black-hearted projects, the fluctuating euphoric atmospheres can make it challenging to discern the intentions of creators. This discernment often requires serious detective work from individuals in the community to determine whether creators were benevolent or malevolent. In response to this, the founder of Angelic Labs, "Ozzy," introduced a list that highlighted the good and the bad, the white hearted and the black hearted. The aim of this list was to provide greater transparency into the operations of derivative projects. Ozzy was particularly interested in:

  • The use of Remilia assets

  • Projects launched on Scatter

  • Whether team members were using Milady profile pictures

  • If projects gave back to Remilia

  • If projects gave back to the Ecosystem

This led to the establishment of the fundamentals of Angelic Labs.

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